Feathers in the Woods

I love feathers. They are colourful, they seem fragile but are strong, they’re elegant and each Feathers 018 bone is unique. I found these feathers on the walks I went on with Nick and his father Raoul. They were among my favourite moments when we travelled to England. Nick’s mother Faith usually waited reading or resting in the car because of her problems with her back and we went to walk in the woods. The woods in England are wonderful, full of trees and, especially in Autumn, full of dry leaves that create a carpet on the ground that makes a very peculiar sound – like breadcrumbs or old pieces of paper when you step on them. This and the birds singing were the only sounds we heard while we walked in silence. Sometimes we talked and sometimes I saw Nick and Raoul miles ahead ’cos they walk faster than me. I was always taking photographs of phantasmagorical trees, and bright green plants and of course picking up beautiful feathers. Raoul is a walker, he has been walking all his life – serious walks – and he knows every sign you could find in the woods. Nick learned the signs from him. I can’t remember how many times Nick and I have been walking with him in England and in Spain but I always enjoyed it enormously. Once we even saw a snake while walking in a place near Oxford. It was like a vision, I had never seen a wild snake before, it was slithering diagonally and it was so graceful that I stood there completely mesmerized by its beauty, no fear at all. It went on its way, and we carried on walking. As you could see in the photograph, the feathers show you the variety of birds there were and the beauty of their plumage. I miss those walks. Faith passed away, Raoul is a bit tired now and we have very little time. Maybe one day Nick and I will have more time. Time, time, time….  maybe one day.


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3 Respuestas a “Feathers in the Woods

  1. Susannah Lewis

    Beautiful! Simple evocative language. Well dibe. More please. Sxxx

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Susannah Lewis

    Simple evocative phrases. Beautiful.


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