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The Snuts save our Mad Cool

A little chronicle and some tips for those of you who are going to Mad Cool. We thought you might benefit from our experience…

We went to Mendez Alvaro because there is a direct Cercanias connection to Valdebebas… only to find that that line is closed (the Atocha to Chamartín section), so plan B, we took the metro to Nuevos Ministerios and then changed for Mar de Cristal. There is a direct bus to Valdebebas there… but as we arrived it was being towed away having broken down. After a 20-minute wait we realized that the next one would be 14 minutes more, so we decided to take a taxi. The distance was short but the road blocks and police controls mean that even taxis have to go round and round in circles and are not allowed to drop you near the entrance.


Anyway we got in and Marina felt the call of nature so off to the “Chicas”. 20 minutes later she came back “pale and shaking” from the traumatic experience of the WCs. At least half were unserviceable as they were overflowing with effluence. The only place she has encountered similar facilities was in a Moroccan village.


So we headed off to near where Noel Gallagher had just started up but after being stung for €10.50 for a small beer and a Coke, which included €1 for each plastic cup, we decided to cheer ourselves up with some food. This was acceptable and reasonably priced (given the context). However, like the loos and most everything else at Mad Cool, it involved extensive queuing. If you are planning on eating there, the lines did seem to go in waves, so keep one eye open for when there’s a lull.


The Snuts were MAGNIFICENT and Marina enjoyed them much more than she expected, so that was a high point.

The Snuts – Mad Cool – Madrid 2019 – photo by Marina Carresi


Getting home by public transport was nearly as “interesting” as getting there. You are expected to walk a couple of kilometres around the recinto to get to where the buses leave from. There is a free bus to Plaza Castilla, which leaves once it is full (to the brim). In Plaza Castilla this connects with a nocturno to Cibeles. Unfortunately, it arrived in Cibeles just as our nocturno was leaving, so we cut our losses and took a taxi home.


I hope we have been able to prepare you for some things and save you suffering others through this message. Have a great time!


Written by Nick Franklin

Photos by Marina Carresi (taken with a small mobile)



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