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Diario de viaje. Mi Oxford particular en 26 imágenes. 4ª Parte – Part 4 Travelogue: Mi Own Private Oxford in 26 images.

In Oxford again – picture by Nicholas J Franklin – photo by Marina Carresi

19. Vuelta a Oxford. Otro cuadro de Nick que me encanta y que algún día rescataré del armario.

Back in Oxford. Another one of Nick’s paintings that I love. One day I’ll rescue it from the wardrobe it is in.

Canal walk – photo by Marina Carresi

20. El paseo por el canal es fantástico. Cogemos un autobús hasta nuestro punto de partida y volvemos andando a casa. 3,5km de casas cuyos jardines dan al canal, barcos en donde la gente vive, personas andando con sus perros, gente montando en bicicleta… todo el mundo te saluda.

The walk along the canal is wonderful. We take the bus to our starting point and walk home along the canal. A 3.5km tow-path lined by houses whose gardens look onto the Canal, houseboats, people walking their dogs, jogging, riding bikes… everybody says hello.

Beautiful light in the Canal – photo by Marina Carresi

21.Y a veces, nadie, sólo el silencio excepto el canto de los pájaros. Estás en el medio de la ciudad pero sientes como si estuvieras en pleno campo. Precioso!

And sometimes there’s nobody at all, everything is quiet except for the birds singing. You are in the centre of a city but it is as if you were in the countryside. Beautiful!

Towards Port Meadow – photo by Marina Carresi

22. Otra excursión: hacia Port Meadow. Un día especial de luz espectacular. Silencio, y la impresión de estar en otra época. Quizá la época que una se imagina, no la real. La época que vemos en las series de la BBC con obras de Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, Anthony Trollop, Evelyn Waugh. Un estremecimiento te recorre el cuerpo pensando que ahí mismo, por donde estás andando han caminado Lewis Carroll, Tolkien, Iris Murdoch, Oscar Wilde y otros tantos fabulosos escritores.

Another excursion: towards Port Meadow – a special day with gorgeous light. Silence and the impression of being transported to another period in history, perhaps an imaginary one, as in the BBC dramatizations of the novels of Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, Thomas Hardy, Anthony Trollop, Evelyn Waugh. A chill runs down my spine when I realize that I’m walking in the footsteps of Lewis Carroll, Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Iris Murdoch and Oscar Wilde.

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Diario de viaje. Mi Oxford particular en 26 imágenes. Travelogue: Mi Own Private Oxford in 26 images. 2ª Parte – Part 2

We are off – photo by Marina Carresi

7. Nos vamos a buscar cositas interesantes. Nick siempre va delante y nunca oigo lo que me dice.

We go to look for interesting things. I can’t hear anything Nick says because he is always three paces ahead of me!

Summertown charity shop photo by Marina Carresi

8. Me encantan las tiendas de ONGs en Inglaterra (Oxfam, Save the Children, Blue Cross, etc.). Puedes encontrar cosas increíbles y a la vez tu dinero sirve para una buena causa.

I love English charity shops (Oxfam, Save the Children, Blue Cross, etc); you can find incredible things there and at the same time your money is put to good use.

Books & tea photo by Marina Carresi

9. Un descubrimiento. Una librería de segunda mano llena de sorpresas. Nick prepara una taza de té mientras yo me asombro recorriendo sus mágicos rincones.

A second-hand bookshop full of surprises. Nick is making a cup of tea while I discover its secret nooks and crannies.

Home again photo by Marina Carresi

1o. Otra vez en el jardín descansando después de andar por todas partes durante horas y esperando con ganas la deliciosa comida que nos prepara Christine.

Back in the garden – having a rest after walking around for hours and looking forward to another delicious meal cooked by Christine.

Sculpted stone – piedra esculpida photo by Marina Carresi

11. Esta piedra esculpida tiene historia. Nick y su hermano lo encontraron cavando en el fondo del jardín cuando eran niños. Esta piedra para mi simboliza Oxford, una ciudad atemporal.

Nick and his brother dug up this sculpted stone at the bottom of the garden when they were kids. This stone is symbolic of timeless Oxford for me.

Picture by Nicholas Franklin – photo by Marina Carresi

12. – Por favor, déjame llevar este cuadro a Madrid!

– No hay espacio en el equipaje.

Cada vez que abro el armario del dormitorio y veo este impresionante cuadro que Nick hizo hace años, pasa esto. Creo que es una obra de arte y que merecería estar en un museo.

M: Please let me take this picture back to Madrid!

N: There is not enough room in our luggage.

This conversation takes place every time I open the wardrobe in the bedroom and see this astonishing picture Nick painted many years ago. I think it’s a work of art and it should be in a gallery.


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Diario de viaje. Mi Oxford particular en 26 imágenes. Travelogue: Mi Own Private Oxford in 26 images. 1ª Parte – Part 1

Esta es la historia de un viaje. A muchos españoles cuando les preguntas ¿dónde vas de vacaciones? te contestan: a mi pueblo. Pues bien, el pueblo de mi marido está en Inglaterra.  Cuando vamos allí hay muchas cosas que se repiten y otras no, pero esto intenta ser un resumen de varios viajes al “pueblo” de Nick.

This is the story of a trip. When you ask most Spaniards where they are going on holiday they reply “to my village”. Well, my husband’s “village” is Oxford. When we go there we have a number of rituals, though of course each trip is different. This is an attempt to sum up several trips to Nick’s “village”.

Part 1


Gatwick airport – photo by Marina Carresi

1 .Una de las primeras cosas que me llama la atención en el aeropuerto de Gatwick son estos collages. Están hechos con miles de fotos de pasaporte. En mi foto no se puede apreciar, pero si te acercas puedes verlas. Es impresionante.

These collages are among the first things that draw my attention in Gatwick airport. They are made up of thousands of passport photos. In my photo you can’t see them but if you go up close to the actual collages you can. They’re impressive.


Oxford bus – photo by Marina Carresi

2 .Hay que coger el autobús a Oxford. Mejor tomarlo con humor ya que aumenta el tiempo del cada vez que suena un tono estándar de llamada de wassap alguno de los pasajeros (lo que sucede viaje en dos horas. Charlamos, dormimos y comemos un sandwich mientras Nick maldice en voz baja aproximadamente cada 30 segundos).

We have to take the bus to Oxford. Better to accept it philosophically because it adds two hours to the trip. We chat, sleep and eat a sandwich while Nick curses under his breath each time we hear a default Whatsapp ringtone (which is approximately every 30 seconds).

The Garden – photo by Marina Carresi

  1. Agotados pero por fin en casa. El esplendido jardín nos recibe con su frescor.

Exhausted but home at last; the wonderful garden welcomes us with its freshness.

In the bedroom – photo by Marina Carresi – sculpture by Nicholas Franklin

  1. La ventana en nuestra habitación y la escultura de Nick de la cabeza de colores y su misterio.

Our bedroom window, with Nick’s sculpture of a mysterious multicoloured head.

Good morning – photo by Marina Carresi

  1. Los pájaros vienen a comer y nos dejan observarles mientras desayunamos.

Birds come and feed while we watch them over breakfast.

Dewy grass – Hierba cubuerta de rocío – photo by Marina Carresi

  1. Un cigarrito en el jardín después de desayunar. Siento la hierba fresca bajo mis pies desnudos.

After breakfast a cigarette in the garden. I feel the fresh grass under my bare feet.

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My Own Brideshead Revisited

by Nick Franklin

Me in Oxford by Nick Franklin

When I was seventeen a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to babysit a friend’s son over the weekend in a village in the mountains near Madrid. Her friend was a divorced father and his son was five or six years old. I said yes and prepared my suitcase for the trip. In the suitcase I put my Pink-Panther leggings – very fashionable in the Eighties – and the book I was reading, Brideshead Revisited. I loved that book; it was a Spanish translation but I think it was a very good one. I was completely in love with the British setting and the educated and funny characters that appeared in the book. In short, I dreamed about that world of humour, culture and history.
The weekend was fine, the boy behaved well and I was happy because I had some time to read my wonderful book. The man – I can’t remember his name – told me he was going to take me home but first he had to pick something up from his flat in Madrid. So we stopped in his street and I had an intuition that I shouldn’t leave my bag in the boot. I told the man this but he said, “Don’t worry, it’s safe.” I didn’t want to insist and I supposed he knew best. We went to his flat and when we came back to the car he saw something he didn’t like. We approached the car and my heart started beating hard. The boot was slightly opened and inside there was nothing. My suitcase had gone. I was very upset because I knew it hadn’t been a good idea to leave it there. My beautiful Pink-Panther leggings and my Brideshead Revisited were lost forever! I was young and couldn’t at that time buy the book again and I think I had just four chapters left to finish it. I was very sad. He was very sorry but couldn’t do anything for me to recover my stuff. Years later the BBC made the TV series of Brideshead Revisited with Jeremy Irons as the main character and I enjoyed it a lot.
I met my husband Nick in Madrid. When we were living together we watched and recorded the repeats of the series dubbed into Spanish. Nick was born in Oxford but when I met him his parents were living in London. I can’t remember if it was one day during the weekend in Oxford or later when his parents left London to go back to their house in Oxford that we were visiting the town and suddenly I remembered Brideshead Revisited and I realized I was fulfilling a dream. I was surrounded by these beautiful houses and green lawns, these educated witty people and I was the main character of this romance written in my mind when I was seventeen.

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