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The Most Beautiful Fox / El Zorro Más Hermoso (en español abajo)

The most beautiful fox was in John’s garden. Photo by Marina Carresi

The Most Beautiful Fox  (en español abajo)

We were on holiday in Oxford at Nick’s family home. We decided as usual to visit our friends, John and Sian, in London. They have a nice house south of the river. We have a ritual when we go there, such as going to order oriental food from the best takeaway in the area. While we wait, we go to the pub with John to catch up. When we get home with the food, Sian, the children and the au pair are waiting expectantly. The meal starts with wonderful prawn toast – crispy and full of spongy fresh shrimps – and miso soup that warms your stomach (and your heart). To finish there is roast Peking duck with small pancakes that you have to prepare yourself. John and I love this dish. The exotic mixture of flavours and colours carries me off to springtime in China despite the dark London night outside. I feel a bit guilty about it but I only eat this duck twice a year at most. By contrast, Nick and Sian tuck into a vegetarian array eating spicy tofu and other exotic vegetable dishes. The table is covered in takeaway food containers and always there are leftovers for the next day. After a friendly chat and a lot of laughter everybody goes off to bed leaving me to go out into the still darkness of the garden to smoke my last cigarette before sleeping. Outside under the stars I fancifully have this warm feeling of being at home away from home and accompanied in the nocturnal solitude.

Next day we go to Deptford flea market, although not everything is second-hand and I’m left alone to take photographs and buy things. I can spend hours there. The market is full of life with people from all over the world, dressed in their ethnic styles. Once in a second-hand shop a jovial African man insisted I should take him back to Madrid with me.  When I told him I was married, he jokingly replied that he didn’t mind. Nick and John go to have a coffee and talk about art, literature, politics and life. They were schoolmates and as anecdote they were the only ones to choose history of art as A-level in their last two years at school, so they had three teachers for just the two of them. They seem to know more about art than most university art-history graduates.

One day after my shopping in the flea market I was upstairs on the second floor and Nick called me with an uncharacteristic stage whisper:

-Marina, come down – and bring your camera. Please don’t make any noise!

Intrigued I did what I was asked and suddenly I saw in the garden the most beautiful fox I had ever seen. I hadn’t seen a fox so close before so for me it was the most beautiful. Very slowly I edged into the garden. The fox decided I wasn’t a threat so he stared at me while I excitedly took almost fifteen photographs until the fox decided to leave. I could almost imagine him or her saying goodbye as gave one last backward glance at me. We used this photograph for an advert in the magazine (Think in English) we were doing at that time. The other day while cataloguing photographs I saw this one and I remember its story. I will never know why the fox didn’t run away or why it stared at me in that way. The mystery will remain in the photograph forever.


El Zorro Más Hermoso

Estábamos en Oxford pasando unas vacaciones en la casa de la familia de Nick. Como siempre, decidimos ir a Londres para ver a nuestros amigos John y Sian. Tienen una bonita casa al sur del Támesis. Siempre hacemos lo mismo, como si fuera un ritual, dejamos nuestras cosas y vamos con John al mejor take away oriental del barrio y después de encargar la comida vamos al pub para ponernos al día. De vuelta a casa con la comida Sian, sus hijos y la au pair nos esperan impacientes. Para empezar el fantástico pan tostado de gambas, crujiente y relleno de gambas frescas y esponjosas, luego la sopa de miso que calienta tu estómago (y tu corazón). Para terminar el pato Peking asado con pequeños pancakes que tienes que preparar tú mismo. A John y a mí nos encanta. La exótica mezcla de colores y sabores te transporta a una primavera china que despierta en la oscura noche londinense. Me siento un poco culpable por el pato, pero sólo lo como un par de veces al año. Por el contrario, Nick y Sian disfrutan de  una selección de platos vegetarianos incluido el tofu con especias y otras cosillas.  La mesa acaba cubierta por completo de envases de cartón grandes y pequeños cuya comida, que nunca conseguimos terminar, descansará en la nevera para el día siguiente. Después de una amistosa charla y muchas risas todo el mundo va a dormir mientras yo salgó al jardín en la oscura y silenciosa noche, para fumar el último cigarro antes de dormir. Y allí, mirando las estrellas como la ridícula romántica que soy, mi cuerpo se relaja y me siento como en casa, en la soledad de la noche.

Al día siguiente vamos al mercadillo de Deptford, una especie de rastro en el mismo barrio. Me dejan sola para comprar cosas y hacer fotos. Puedo pasar horas allí.  El mercado está lleno de vida con gente de todas partes del mundo con sus diferentes estilos de ropa. Una vez en una de las tiendas de segunda mano un simpático joven africano me pedía con insistencia que le llevara conmigo a Madrid, cuando le dije que estaba casada me contesto riendo: “Oh, no pasa nada. Para mí eso no es un problema”.

Nick y John van a tomar un café y charlar sobre arte, literatura, política y la vida. Eran compañeros de colegio y como anécdota diré que ellos eran los dos únicos estudiante que eligieron historia del arte en sus dos últimos años antes de la universidad.  Tenían tres profesores para ellos solos. A mi parecer Nick y John saben más sobre la historia del arte que la mayoría de los que han estudiado la carrera.

Un día, después de mis compras en el mercadillo estaba arriba, en el segundo piso y Nick me llamó con un susurro elevando el tono desde el piso de abajo:

-Marina, baja –y trae la cámara. !Por favor, no hagas ruido!

Intrigada, hice lo que me pedía y de pronto en el jardín vi el zorro más hermoso que jamás había visto. La verdad es que nunca había visto un zorro tan cerca jamás, así que para mí fue el más hermoso. Muy despacio salí al jardín. El zorro decidió que yo no era ninguna amenaza así que me miró fijamente mientras yo exultante le hice unas quince fotos hasta que se cansó y se fue. Casi pude imaginar que me decía adiós cuando se giró y me lanzó una última mirada. Usamos su foto para un anuncio de la revista (Think in English) que hacíamos por aquel entonces. El otro día organizando mis fotos la encontré y me acordé de su historia. Nunca sabré porque el zorro no salió corriendo ni por qué se quedó mirándome de esa manera. El misterio permanecerá en la foto para siempre.


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Temerity, Tim Booth and the Tiny Camera

by Marina Carresi

by Marina Carresi

My husband’s favorite group are James and they finally came back to Madrid in 2007 after several years absence. I like the band very much but my English isn’t good enough to understand the nuance of their poetic lyrics. They were going to play in a big festival with other groups in a town near Madrid. It was summer. As you can no doubt imagine summer in Madrid is extremely hot but it didn’t matter to us;  James were finally going to be in Madrid again! So we took a free bus put on by the festival organizers to get to the place. We were working in the magazine Think in English at the time and I wanted to take my professional camera with me but in the end Nick convinced me that it would be a problem getting it past security, so I took a very small camera I had back then. We arrived at the venue and after the usual queue and bag searching, we got in. Just as we were looking at the stage and thinking about how we were going to get a place in the front row, we heard, “Hi, thought we might meet you here!” It was Jose and Lola, friends of ours back then. We were catching up with them when I told Jose, “It’s a pity I don’t have my camera (at that time my camera was almost an extension of myself), I only have this tiny little one but anyway I’m going to try to take some photographs.” I can’t remember how I mentioned that Nick and I had press ID cards. Jose got excited, “You should get into the press area.” He knew about these things because he had worked in  radio, and music is his passion. So we got into the press tent and had a drink. It was much cooler than outside under the sun. We were excited and nervous, we didn’t have any press passes but the worse that could happen was we might be ejected, so we stayed there acting as if we had been doing these things all our lives. Then the concert was going to start and we all left the press tent. The photographers began to take up position in front of the stage in the pit. Suddenly, Jose pushed me and I found myself surrounded by the biggest cameras I had ever seen and then with my minuscule camera I decided ignore my fears of been expelled and take as many photographs as I could. The concert began and ‘we’, the photographers, were only allowed to take photographs during the first two songs. The cameras started to flash and suddenly I think out of amazement at seeing this red-haired woman with the smallest camera you could imagine in the press pit, Tim Booth – the singer of James – stared at me quizzically. This is the photograph of this moment and I love it. A few moments later, a security man ordered me out of the photographers’ pit but I didn’t care because I had my photos.

This is one of my favorite photographs because I had the courage to take it, I had found the confidence to take a risk and it was great fun.

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